Lovebirds in Elmhurst

Personal Photography: Elmhurst, NY

Two pigeons in love on a Queens street. 

The Rapey Bunch

Photoshop Composition

When everyone was talking about the Art Basel Banana, there were still men that needed to be silenced.​

Need a Lift?

Personal Photography: Havana, Cuba

Inquisitive dog on a hardwood dolly in the street.

Kick, Push.

Photography Project: Urban Landscape


Small boy on scooter in front of the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

Coche Cubana

Personal Photography: Havana, Cuba

Vintage taxi car parked outside a restaurant.

 Monkey See...

Photo Collage

“Ecologists are interested in the interrelationship between organisms and environment. Likewise, we can consider images in relation to their environments of production and reception.”- Sunil Manghani

Eiffel at Night

Personal Photography: Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower strikes 10pm in December.

Studio 54.5

Personal Photography: New York, NY

Studio 54 reminiscent disco balls at the Rose Wine Mansion.

Out of the Office

Personal Photography: New York, NY

Signe Pierce's 'Tesseract' exhibit in Times Square.

Book Cover Redesign Project

Redesigned with minimal elements from Frank Stella.